Glasgow protest for Craigavon Two – Sunday 26th July


A protest will be held AT 2.00pm on Sunday 26th July to keep highlighting the ongoing Miscarriage of Justice inflicted by the British state onto Brendan and JP.. We would ask all who can to attend ..

Members of the Craigavon Two campaign with help from local IRPWA activists


Members of the Craigavon Two campaign with help from local IRPWA activists delivered JFTC2 leaflets to over 1000 homes in Craigavon tonight. If you live in Craigavon and want to help the campaign contact us. #JFTC2

Paddy Joe Hill of the Birmingham 6 calls on everyone to remember Gerry Conlon by continuing to fight for the Craigavon Two!


MOJO (The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation)
We have been asked to reproduce a copy of Paddy’s speech from The Gerry Conlon Event on Friday night in Belfast.

Paddy Hill’s Statement

Tonight we are holding a concert to remember the life of our friend Gerry Conlon who suffered injustice and fought for justice till his last breath.

I along with the others known as the Birmingham Six, the Guilford Four, Maguire Seven amongst, many, many more who are to numerous to mention, managed to gain our release from jail, but we have never been given truth and justice. Our suffering lasted longer than the prisons sentences we endured. We have lived lives full of sorrow, and struggle against the monolith of a justice system that does not care.

Gerry and myself fought side by side for those we left behind in prison. It became our lives. I have no doubt that Gerry died young as a result of our struggle to highlight how innocent men and women still languish in jails in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. Tonight we celebrate Gerry’s courage to stand up and fight back regardless of the cost to himself.

We are here also to raise funds for the Miscarriage of Justice Organisation. An organisation that I set up to offer a voice to the innocent men and women who still find themselves trapped in a judicial farce. Myself and Gerry worked tirelessly through MOJO to put the spot light on the cases of innocent men and women such as Robert Brown, Paul Blackburn, Susie May, Eddie Gilfoyle and thousands of others who have suffered injustice and continue to live their lives behind bars for crimes they did not commit. We are still fighting for Derry man Brendan Dixon, Pat Docherty, William Gage, amongst many more, all wrongfully convicted and still in jail.

Nothing has changed; Gerry campaigned till the end as the chairperson of Justice for the Craigavon Two campaign. Another two innocent Irish men Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton who we believe have suffered the same fate as us. Wrongfully convicted for a crime they did not commit.

So please go from here tonight, find out more about MOJO, Find out about the Craigavon Two. Find out what you might be able to do to support the innocent people who have no voice. Carry on for Gerry.

Gerry Conlon remembered – Fight on!


It’s hard to believe a year has passed since you left us dear friend. You showed us how to fight, told us never to give up, showed us how to pick ourselves up following setbacks and continue to raise the miscarriage of justice of the Craigavon Two.
Gerry Conlon believed Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton were innocent and he fought to the end to clear their names. Today we continue that campaign for Justice for the Craigavon Two, we call on you to help us see it through to a successful conclusion. Rest in peace Gerry.

Craigavon 2 committee


The Craigavon Two committee met today in Drumbeg, we will continue Gerry Conlon’s last campaign and free Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton.

Collusion is not an illusion

Last night’s ‪#‎Panorama‬ shed light on how the Police, British Army & Mi5 were involved in ‪#‎collusion‬ which led to state sponsored murder. We seen that even members of the Police were expendable in an effort to protect informers. We seen that Lawyers, Journalists and civilians were all deemed legitimate targets by these dark forces.

But any hint that these tactics and practices are part of the bygone ‘bad old days’ need taken with a pinch of salt. In the case of the Craigavon Two their is much evidence to suggest that the security services were complicit in the killing of constable Stephen Carroll in 2009. The case has seen the targeting of the legal teams by a sinister covert intelligence operation, the UN was lobbied to step in and protect the legal teams, British Army, PSNI, Public Prosecution Service, the Prison Service have all we believe been involved in perverting the course of justice, through evidence tampering evidence planting, failing to investigate wrong doing, fabrication of charges intimidation of witnesses and much much more.
It’s time the full facts of the Craigavon Two case were laid bare to the public in a similar fashion to last night’s Panorama piece.
Two men remain imprisoned for life due to this miscarriage of justice and we will continue to fight until the truth is heard and the wrongful convictions of Brendan Mc Conville and John Paul Wootton are overturned.

Craigavon 2 Committee appoint Packy Carty as Chairperson


Today the JFTC2 group met and made a number of appointments, most notable was the election of Packy Carty as Chairperson.

“It is an honour to chair this campaign, the work of Tony Catney, Angela Nelson and Gerry Conlon will be hard to follow.

I am completely committed to seeing the campaign for justice for Brendan and John Paul through to a successful conclusion, Being a close friend of both men I am absolutely determined to see this injustice come to an end. I believe everyone who has read the case material sees the obvious miscarriage of justice that has taken place.

The recent Supreme Court decision has not dampened our resolve as a group to continue to fight for justice to be done and be seen to be done.

I call on everyone to help us intensify the justice campaign.”


Appeal application rejected


The court  rejected an application to hear an appeal over the sentencing of two men for murdering a policeman.
Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton were convicted of murdering Stephen Carroll in Craigavon in 2009.
In this case the judges said they were refusing permission to appeal “because the application does not raise an arguable point of law of general public importance which ought to be considered by the Supreme Court at this time, bearing in mind that the case has already been the subject of judicial decision and reviewed on appeal”.
Both men are currently serving life sentences for murdering Constable Carroll, who was the first member of the Police Service of Northern Ireland to be killed.
The Court of Appeal increased Wootton’s minimum jail term from 14 to 18 years last October after ruling it was unduly lenient.
McConville is serving at least a 25-year-sentence for the murder.
Both men lost their appeals against their convictions in May 2014. The Supreme Court’s decision means that the Court of Appeal’s ruling stands.

In the name of Gerry Conlon


Gerry and TC pictured at the Craigavon Two appeal, both men passed away shortly after one another due to the same illness, a massive loss to all that knew and loved them and to the JFTC2 campaign which continues the work they began.

A great reminder of what can happen with a discriminatory justice. A strong document about a man who left us too soon. A powerful and necessary documentary


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